Guest Policy

The Inn welcomes member-escorted guests to our regular monthly program meetings, subject to the following requirements and restrictions: 

  • A member planning to bring a guest to a regular monthly meeting must give prior notice to Nicole Morris ( and Matt Warenzak ( Due to capacity restrictions at our meeting locations, guests will be allowed only as space permits.

  • A member may bring up to three guests per program year but only one guest per regular monthly meeting.

  • An individual guest may attend no more than two regular monthly meetings per program year, whether escorted by one or more member(s).

  • A non-refundable guest fee of $35 must be paid for each guest, and members are responsible for ensuring payment of guest fees by/for their guests. Guest fees may be paid before the meeting via credit card using the PayPal portal or at the meeting by check.

  • A separate attendance policy applies to the annual end-of-year dinner: Subject to capacity restrictions, each member may bring one guest, regardless of whether (a) the member has previously hosted the maximum number of guests at regular monthly meetings or (b) the guest has attended the maximum of two regular monthly meetings.

Meeting that Guest will attend:
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