Atlanta Diversity Program Highlighted by American Inns of Court President

Chief Judge Carl E. Stewart, President of the American Inns of Court, recently discussed diversity in the Bencher magazine.  He highlighted two diversity programs, including a program hosted by our own Atlanta IP American Inn of Court!  He stated:

The Atlanta IP American Inn of Court engaged the important, yet sensitive, subject of diversity by devoting one of its monthly programs to "Diversity Issues in the Profession."  ... The program was led by a private consultant who used entertaining skits and vignettes and other interactive methods with Inn members that resulted in positive, informative, and entertaining discussions about diversity in several dimensions of professional life.

He concludes by stating that "[o]ne of the signature strengths of the American Inns of Court movement is that local Inns are consistently able to present to its members a variety of challenging and often sensitive subjects through creative and interesting program models."  We couldn't agree more!  Congratulations to Alexis Simpson and John North for organizing such a noteworthy and informative program.

The full article appears below.