January Meeting (Jan. 31, 2018)

Our next meeting, generously sponsored by the great people at Thomas Horstemeyer, will be held at GA Tech at 5:00 p.m. on Wed., January 31, 2018.  Joe Staley and Arvind Reddy lead this month's program, called "Shark Tank: Considerations for Innovators Commercializing Products."  Join two teams of innovators, one representing UGA and another representing Georgia Tech, as they take their ideas to Shark Tank.  Let’s learn about some considerations that innovators should keep in mind when commercializing an idea.  See how good legal advice can help you survive the Sharks and how bad advice gets you eaten alive!  Please join us on Wednesday, January 31 at Georgia Tech.  We promise we won’t make any UGA jokes about the National Championship Game (just kidding, we definitely will).

5:00pm – 6:00pm (optional)  Panel Presentation for GA Tech students by Inn members on careers in IP.

5:30pm – 7:00pm  Reception  (students will join at 6:00pm)  N.B.:  As this is being held on a college campus, anyone wishing to consume alcohol will need to provide valid ID.

7:00pm – 8:00pm  Program

RSVP here no later than Jan. 24, 2018:  http://evite.me/15tDCfK1ed


The meeting is located at the Bill Moore Student Success Center, which is connected to GaTech’s football stadium.  See the attached map for the location of the Bill Moore Center and the “P1” lot where limited parking will be available.


Visitor parking at GaTech is limited, not particularly convenient, and not free.  For this reason, everyone is encouraged to Uber to and from the event and, if you must drive, try to car pool.  Details on available parking are below. 

You must RSVP to Receive Validated Parking

·        Limited parking will be available in the “Area 1” visitor Lot on North Avenue.  This lot is also referred to as the “A1” or “P1” visitor lot depending on what map and sign you are looking at.

·        In order to validate parking, we must buy lot-specific validation stickers in advance.

·       If you would like your parking validated, you MUST (i) RSVP for the event on or before Wednesday, January 24, 2018  AND (ii) request parking in the “comments” of your Evite RSVP.

·        The Inn will only buy validation stickers for the parking requests we receive on or before January 24th.

The “Area 1” / “P1” Visitor Parking Lot is the only Validated Lot and has Limited Space

·        GaTech says there are about 100 spaces in the A1/P1 visitor lot, but there is no way to reserve them. 

·        For this reason we cannot guarantee parking for everyone, even if you have requested validation in advance.  The earlier you arrive, the better your chances.

·        If you request validation, bring your parking ticket to the event and we will have a validation sticker for you. 

·        We cannot validate your parking if you do not request a sticker in advance or if you park anywhere other than the A1/P1 lot.

·        Be advised there is also a basketball game happening the same night (albeit on the opposite side of campus). 

“Area 1” / “P1” Lot Location & Bill Moore Student Success Center

·        The attached map shows the location of the Area 1 lot (marked “P1” on the map) and the event location (Bill Moore Student Success Center).

·        If you are heading west on North Avenue (driving past the Varsity and crossing over the connector), the A1/P1 lot is your first left after you cross under the pedestrian bridge over North Avenue.  It is just past the Alumni House and across the street from the Football Stadium.

·        The A1/P1 lot is sandwiched between two permit-only lots marked “E46.”  If you are pulling into a parking deck or lot marked E46, this is the wrong spot.

·        The pedestrian bridge over North Avenue is the easiest way to reach the Student Success Center, which is connected to the football stadium near Tech Tower.

Alternative Parking Options (not recommended, for goodness sake take Uber).

·        If the Area 1 parking lot is full when you arrive, additional visitor parking is available on Ferst Drive in the Area 3 (aka P3) and Area 2 (aka P2) lots (see attached map).

·        Fair Warning – if you park in these lots, your parking will not be validated and you will need to walk about half a mile to get to the Bill Moore Student Success Center.