The programmed meetings of the Inn can only function with the support of our members.  Every member is assigned at the beginning of the year to a pupilage group.  The pupilage group will be responsible for developing and presenting the educational program at one of our stated meetings throughout the year.  

Pupilage groups are typically chaired by two Inn members who normally contact the group 4 to 6 weeks before the meeting they will be responsible for. Depending on the type of program, most groups meet at least 2-3 times before the meeting to prepare.  All members assigned to a group are expected to help.  Even if you will not be in attendance at the meeting, there are usually many things the group needs that can be done without attendance at the actual meeting, such as writing a paper for CLE credit, drafting scripts, buying props, etc.  Please let your pupilage group chair know if you cannot attend the actual meeting. 

While the Inn prefers members to stay with their assigned pupilage groups, if work or personal conflicts will prevent you from assisting the group either at the meeting or in preparation for the meeting, please let our program chairs know as soon as possible and they will try to move you to another available group. 

Pupilage groups are not responsible for organizing catering or working with the host for the meeting, however, it may be helpful to let the program chairs or host know what type of room setup or equipment you might need for the program.  Each pupilage group is given a budget for lunches, dinners, props, costumes, etc.  If additional funds will be needed, please contact the program chairs as soon as possible.  Extra funds are limited but may be given for special circumstances (e.g., prominent speaker travel) and will need extra time to be approved by the executive committee.