Who’s in

your cadre?

Mentor group…what’s that??

The Mentoring Committee (Reagan Charney, Lauren Brenner, and Rich Miller) have announced the Inn will have a new approach to Mentor Groups. Spoiler alert: they’re going away…sort of.

Here are the high points:

1) We will no longer assemble Mentoring Groups. We are now creating Cadres. Yes, it’s just a name change. But there’s a method to the madness. The name change is to reflect that we don’t want to create any sort of expectation that you are supposed to “mentor” anyone. We just want you to meet and enjoy the company of your fellow Inn members in a small group setting. If some mentoring happens, well, that is just gravy.

2) Each Cadre will be four Inn members.

3) Each Cadre will have a Cadre Coordinator. The Cadre Coordinator will be the point person for the Cadre, and will take the lead on getting the Cadre together. We will ask for volunteers, but if there aren’t enough, we will assign the role to someone in each Cadre.

4) The mentoring committee will keep in direct personal contact with the Cadre Coordinator and will provide encouragement and support to Cadres that are having trouble meeting.

5) We will try to do some matchmaking. To that end, we are linking a survey here to get some information from you that will help us put you in a Cadre that is more likely to work for you.

6) And don’t forget—under the IP Inn of Court Member Responsibility Policy, participation with your Cadre is required.

The link to the survey is here:

2018-2019 Mentor Group Pairings

Each year, the Inn creates mentoring groups and encourages its members to reach out to their groups for social activities and advice.  Linked above is the list for this year.  And this year we have increased the value of the prizes the mentoring groups can win.  It should be an exciting mentoring year!